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To start off,I think you did a nice job on this picture :) The anatomy looks alright,though part of the eyes looks a bit off,like where ...

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First off the drawing is very cute and the shading and highlighting is nicely done~ Though perhaps you could have added a bit more shad...

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This picture is really adorable >w< Though to make it more see able perhaps use a black pen/maker,or go over it again with pencil to make it darker ^^; The coloring looks good c: A few parts can use a bit touching ups ^^; But,for the most part its good....

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This is really good and shows you've improved :D Your shading and highlighting is getting better :D Though with her legs try to make them...

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The shading looks really good :D You've improved much since you first drew her ^^ Though try to make her skirt/dress move more to the le...

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First off,you did a well job on the pose and shading :D Though you could make the hair a bit more smoother,instead of pointy ^^; I'm not s...





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Its not forever,but either for a few months,several months,or a year.Sorry,but even though I like drawing digitally,it just hurts too much now,even though it hurt for awhile,I just ignored it and continued,but now if I'm using my mouse for too long,my hand & wrist will just cramp up and I have to physically bend it back to place,or just wait til it's feeling better.On top of that I'm doing driving lessons which require my wrist,well mainly my hands,but even then if its just for a little while,I can feel my wrist slowly hurt.On top of that once I get my license I have to start looking for a job,which also will require my hand/wrist,depending on what it is,it may not require them as much as others would.So,in the end,it sort of came down to little to no choice,I chose to give my hobby a break.I will still draw,though anything I post will be traditional,and if you don't like traditional,or like how I draw traditionally,you can edit the watch function so you don't receive any :3.I probably won't be drawing as much,even though I rarely draw now(since I have no motivation to do so,but oh well it'll come back :p),but I'll try to have something at least once a month,that way I know I can try to draw one thing,hopefully if I don't forget,probably gonna happen anyways XD;
So sorry if chu wanted me to draw chu something digitally(either request,art trade,or commission),but if chu wait maybe when they're open again(or when I draw digitally again),then maybe they'll be better o3o
I guess I should mention a bunch of other stuff too while I'm here XD,I made a 99gamers account ( ),which is a US and I think a Canada website only where you can sell or buy used games,though if sell you have to pay for shipping,though all the games I have on their are games you can play for free with an emulator,but meh :p So,if you wanna stalk me there,my username is the same as it is on my Skype(that's right not saying it twice :p Go look for the old journal) and I also mad a Steam account,though I won't say the name,since I'm still new there and getting the hang of it o3o Maybe a week or something I will say it,but for now,you can go look for it XD
But that's all for that part,now for le tag :p

Tagged by :iconthemrcagdl:


1) You must set the Pokemon randomizer (here is it: )
2) Set to "generate" number button to 1 and activate the nature
3) You must place each Pokemon what was chosen randomly on each sentences including the nature
4) You can search and find the pokemon sprite here: (go to browse and write your Pokemon name, go to "sprites" and chose the sprite which do you want)
5) Write a opinion on each answer you let into the sentences
6) you can get the question meme blank made by me here:
7) HAVE FUN!! I am a dummy!

The sentences was begun!

0) You are a...(chose your most favourite Pokemon)

1) This Pokemon is your mother
That's nice XD

2) This Pokemon is your father


3) This Pokemon is your brother/sister


4) This Pokemon is your best friend in your school

Awesome xD

5) He/She is your boyfriend/girlfriend Heart

Fly everywhere

6) He/She was in love secretly for you


7) This Pokemon is your worst enemy/rival


8) This Pokemon is your teacher

Best teacher ever!:D

9) This Pokemon is your sport teacher

So,would he always be in the shadows?o3o

10) These Pokemons are your team members (are 3 and you are the leader)

DwebbleRelaxed GorebyssQuirky DrowzeeAdamant
Interesting team O3O

11) This Pokemon is a outlaw bandit

But,you just need water/fighting to defeat it o3o

12) This Pokemon needs your team's help on a rescue

I don't trust that nature though >3>

13) You found a lost baby and you must breed him as your son

Pidgey army!XD

14) This Pokemon is your best fanboy

How does that even happen?XD

15) This Pokemon is your best fangirl

So many jollies XD

16) This Pokemon is your doctor

Lovely xD

17) Do you afraid to this Pokemon?


18) You are having dreams about this Pokemon

One does not simply dream of Staryu

19) This Pokemon is waiting the perfect momment to kill you


20) This Pokemon is stalking you without reason

Its because I left you in black/white 2 isn't it?!

21) This Pokemon is suspicious is something


22) This Pokemon is your town's dealer

They use their psychic powers to get their deals o3o

23) Do you think this Pokemon is cute? Heart


24) This Pokemon is a chef/cook

Coolio :3

25) This Pokemon is your Guild leader

Hardcore rescue team XD

26) You must battle against him in a tornament


27) This Pokemon ate your cake

That b****

28) This Pokemon gave you a gift

Aww,he/she forgave me :D Unless it's secretly a bomb o3o

29) You will need a biology class which you must study all about this Pokemon's anatomy, nature and moves

At least Serebii.Net exists XD

30) This Pokemon wants to hug you

Yay hugs!:dummy:

31) You was traveling through the forest and you found a Pokemon mix between

AurorusHasty HonchkrowHasty
Can not unsee,what has been seen 3@

32) This Pokemon is happy for you answered this meme


33) You can make more extra sentences to your friends if you want:

Thanks for reading~:3 Since I think this is one of my longer journals~XD

I tag:Whoever wants to do this

Now,I'm tired xD
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  • Drinking: dr.pepper


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Alexandra LeMaster
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Pokemon X team:
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:bulletred:Dragon Adopters

I like drawing,random stuff.
I love animals,and playing video games

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alienex1234 Featured By Owner Sep 20, 2014  Student
What's funny you have. 3 pokemon in your x team that are on my Y team
toadettegal-tk Featured By Owner 9 hours ago  Student Digital Artist
Really?O3O Which ones?=- Lol maybe they'll be the same gender xD
alienex1234 Featured By Owner 5 hours ago  Student
Blastoise, pangoro, delphox all 3 males
DisturbedToxicReapa Featured By Owner Sep 17, 2014  Student Traditional Artist
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